My Ramblings
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2005-03-31 23:29:12 (UTC)

My Long Day

Christ today was fucking long. I missed the morning cuz I
couldn't get my ass outta bed. My dad just let me stay home
for the morning so I wouldn't get another detention for
being late. Even though that was half his fault too. He's
the one who let me stay home. He could have said no.
Anyways getting back to what I was saying. I didn't sign in
when I got to school cuz I was scared of getting another
detention. I just showed up for my last two classes. Well
they haven't called yet to say I missed the morning so
maybe I'm off the hook. I hope so. If they do, it's cuz my
dad refused to call. Like blantly fucking refused! Told me
I had to deal with it on my own. He also said we had to
have a talk. Usually that means I'm in trouble but he said
I wasn't so maybe I am, maybe not. He didn't sound happy on
the phone so I don't know. Anyways school wasn't bad until
I found out my ex best friend (aka skanky bitch) hooked
with this totally nice guy. I wonder how long it will last.
Probably till one of them runs out of weed. Not like I
care, her life is not my business anymore. If she wants to
mess it up, she can go rite ahead. I don't give a fuck.
Work sucked as always. The kid I work with was being a pain
in the ass today and refused to listen. I damn near
strangled him! I also got stuck taking the bus home which I
hate cuz the kids are loud, noisy and annoying. Now I
realize why my older sisters thought I was a pain in the
ass. I definitely was.

Blessed Be!