Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-03-31 22:38:49 (UTC)

what a night followed by a even better night

hi my sweet slave cindy,
I understand what you wrote and as you think My love for
you lifts you up, your love and total respect for me lifts
me up.

I enjoyed chat last night and clearing up my
misunderstandings of things....I enjoyed other items of
chat too, then the fun!!

I do look so forward to tieing you on back in bed, making
love and ravishing your lovely body....and most of all
being on my special diet....the one I love, the one I crave.

your perfect slavery and respect and deep love fill me with
so much joy. I also do look forward to time we make love
and times we just cuddle or walk hand in hand. showin you
my area.

I think I crave most if at night after we are ready for
bed, having you fall asleep in my arms, an waking up with
you beside me.

talk soon tonight, all of my love,
Master Wes