SoMe PeOpLe WaNt It AlL...
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2005-03-31 22:02:03 (UTC)

jUsT bOrEd....(as usual)

Oops. i didn't write yesterday cause i had to get a
ton of stuff done for school. It's taking me like an hour
just to read 10 pages of this really humdrum(lol) book
calle Across five Aprils. And who knew the family in that
was white?!(inside joke) Anyway I'm turning 14 in just four
more days!!! I guess I'm not having a birthday party
though, but I don't really care too much any more. And then
next Wendsday we have to do that retarded Monseingor-
jellyroll song. Fun week. I'll propably write again later
cause the words aren't coming right now.