Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-03-31 17:48:50 (UTC)

Poems about Brandon and me.

Angel and devil

I'm your angel,
but I can be desire;
turn your world inside out,
mark you with my fyre.
I can pull you back with
a word or phrase;
I know you, your pleasure,
take you inside this craze.
I'm your devil,
tempt you with my lust;
till you're filled with only me..
my voice in your heart a must.
Take you up, then down,
make you smile then rage;
sooth your savage soul,
then turn another page.
I say "I will" then I don't,
I know I can be a tease;
but there's only you for me,
only "you" will I, can I please.
I run then return,
don't think I don't try;
I'm hard then soft,
you can count on me,
Angel or Devil, baby, I'm your girl

The way you love me

I love the way you love me
You couldn't possibly understand
The feeling that races through me
As I reach out and touch your hand.
When your arms are wrapped around me
And your body's next to mine
When I hold your hand
And our fingers intertwine,
That's when I get that feeling
And nothing else compares
When we walk into a room together
I can feel the stares.
Everyone can see
This is meant to be
Not you and her, or me and him
Only you and me.
You fill my heart
With a divine emotion
What I have for you is nothing less
Than total devotion.
I love the way you kiss me
When I'm down-and-out
I love the way I can't describe
What this feeling's all about.
I love the way it feels
When your body is pressed to me
I want to show my heart to all
I want the world to see.
I want them to see my life
I want them to feel what I feel
I want this whole world to know
This love we have is real.
I love to feel your hands
As they touch my face
This love of ours, for once in my life
Is not a relay race.
I love your eyes,
every inch of you
You are just one thing
My dream come true.
I love the way you love me
There's no other way it can be said!


rest your head next to mine
close your eyes and ignore the time
place your hand upon my heart
fall asleep, don't fall apart
in your sleep, dream of me
i dream of you, in dreams i see.
rest your head upon my chest
let my heart beat, say the rest
now you sleep and sleep so well
eyes are closed but dreams do tell
i kiss you soft, i close my eyes
for now i sleep with you tonight.

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