Dynamik Dimensions
2005-03-31 17:28:30 (UTC)

I ain't scared of no rain!

The storm last night was so symbolic for me
Winds blowing back and forth, unsure
brief moments of light in menacing darkness
Its strange how we look at an approaching storm and frown
saying it ruins our day, calling it ugly, cursing it
But without rain we would all starve
it shapes our mountains
fills the desserts with life
makes the fireplace a little more appealing
but yeah there is that lightning
the flooding, the thunder, the dark, the cold
So i guess that makes me strange 'cause i like it
always went outside when the storms came
i wanted to see it, wonder at the power of the skies
hated the fact i never saw a tornado, how weird is that?
Maybe it's like my life, i love storms
i look for them, seem to always get stuck out in them
So maybe for me its meant to be
maybe since i can't get away from them, i embrace them,
maybe i stay out in the rain when i could go inside
but its just water aint it?
i'll be alright, i gotta see it.
wish i could get up on the roof and take a better look
Momma always said i was never scared enough
but i'm still here, fearless, bold, strong, untamed.....

Hope they don't lock me out, it's stormin out here man!

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