Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-03-31 16:40:55 (UTC)

Bad news for Ty

Well, my friend Ty collapsed. Hes just been having a big
load so hes coming down for a week or so. Hes been busy
with Dojo classes, college coarses, school, and softball
practice. Last night I get a call from Dylan. "Ty
collapsed at softball practice, He just fell to the floor,
were at the hospital, he cant talk hes kinda dazed. Doesnt
know whats going on. He wants to go to Arizona for a
brake, Dont let him work to hard, that means no marital
arts.Try to keep him calm and rested. He can hardly do
anything. Hes Phisically and Mentally worn out" thats
about it then the part where Ty has to take some sleeping
pills. I talked to Ty when he asked if he could tak to me.
And I met his GF over the phone. Hes really tierd but isnt
concerned. He knew something like this would happen. But
he thinks hell drop his classes and graduate next year as
a Senior. Instead of graduating as a Junior and then he
can also get some rest and he'll get to be with his GF
more next year. Ya anyway so Tys comin' down. He'll
probably try to do somethin hes not supposed too. Well,
Ty, love ya see ya soon. YAY my buddies comin.