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2005-03-31 15:51:55 (UTC)

Warm Weather

Its getting warmer peoples! ahhh.. life seems so much
better when its warm outside. Its a rush. I need warm,
sunny weather 24/7. I tend to get more done. It brings out
the happy me, the prettier me. ;o)

Good things:


- Alicia keys @ Radio City
- Black Laebl Society @ Irvingin (new albulm out)
- Eagles @ Continental & @ Nassau
- Sting @ Jones Beach
- Keane @ Radio City
- Sarah McLachlan @ MSG
- Motley Crue @ Jones Beach
- Duran Duran @ MSG
- Maroon 5 @ MSG
- Andrea Bocelli @ Continental

Sytem of a down - new record

GArbage - New record

Warm weather

Las Vegas in two weeks.

Art, Art, Art

SEE WICKED!!! - dying to see it again

Visit BESITO for dinner - Soho area . West Broadway bet
grand & Broome. Food is great. decor A .. great fusion of
MExican food.. not your typical MEx food. homestyle
cooking with hints of PR, Cuban and argentian taste..

Visit Teany (Moby's Tea room / cafe) - relax, read the
paper, enjoy/try vegan dessert, meet new people.

Tribeca Film Festival screenings @ the Palm (World
Financial Center) - April 19 - May 1. Free..

So many things so little time.. I love NY!

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