Love Is a Wonderous Thing
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2005-03-31 14:19:25 (UTC)

My girly side shining through..... shoot me now

This is interesting. Cosmopolitan took a poll that said
that 87% of men say that women underestimate a males
feelings in a platonic relationship. Most of the people
they polled also said they had at one point had feelings
for a platonic friend of the opposite sex. Something to
think about. Also found the PERFECT tanner.... or at least
a half assed version. Whatever its going to work. And I
will also be completely bikini ready (something never
before achieved by myself) by summertime. I can see the
change already happening. Yes I know I hate girls. I hate
the mindgames. But I never said it wasn't okay to improve
yourself or to like yourself. Thank God I am not a
perfectionist. That would entail plastic surgery. Ick.

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