Unfinished Business
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2005-03-31 08:38:54 (UTC)

I Hate Technology

3:28am 033105

So about five minutes ago, and eight pages into this paper
I am typing and making revisions on, my fucking laptop
gives me some bullshit about an internal error and has to
shut down. I desperately tried to save my work, but to no
avail. I lost all but a page and a half of my fucking
paper and now I am so frustrated I decided to vent here
and get the fuck to sleep. I'll get up in five hours and
start again.

Technology has become the replacement for metaphysics. (I
say this as I type on the family computer.) If you don't
finish your homework and need an excuse, it's no longer an
act of God, or "my dog ate it", it's "My harddrive
crashed" or "My floppy disk won't work" or "I got an error
report and the program closed before I could save my
work". SHIT!

Except in this case, it's not an acceptible reason even
though true. I should have had this done by now. So now I
have to finish typing it on this computer and risk someone
else having to get on, or beating me to it. I've
considered staying up, but I'm not sure my brain can
handle it.

Meanwhile, people are starving and dying from corporate
sponsored dictatorships with financial roots in the United
States. Meanwhile there are teenage girls working in
sweatshops and being sexually harassed by their bosses
while sewing T-shirts with Disney logos on them. Meanwhile
some multinational company just brainstormed another way
to keep a seedy news story about its dealings with the CIA
and weapons to indonesia away from the papers and
television news sources.