Thoughts in Green
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2005-03-31 06:26:10 (UTC)

Whats with all the attitude?

Has anyone noticed lately that people overall have an
increasingly bad attitude towards others.

Now I take calls all day, so I talk to a lot of people and
I can say that over the last year people have gotten
straight up RUDE! Everyone seems to be under the
assumption that everyone else owes them something.

Well I am very soory if you had a bad day but why is this
my issue? Why do you insist on ruining the day of the next
person or people or group of people that you come in
contact with? For the most part I stay in a pretty good
mood but everyone seems to want to impose their bad day
upon me.

Well NO THANKS! I want to be happy. None of us know how
long we have on this planet, so while I am here I would
like to enjoy it.

Did none of you learn anything over the last 5 years? Or
was it just too convenient too forget the tough lessons
that should have been learned? All I know is that watching
this increasingly poor attitude sweep across the world -
thats right not just the US - Is really kind of

Who knows what you might do to piss someone off... you
might be walking down the street and bump some guys
shoulder and not say sorry... well supposed that man has 4
people a day do that without apologizing.... now times
that by a year of people taking out there agression on him
at work, his normal day to day crap that happens in life
and the strain of just making it from day to day and you
just never know. That guy may reach his limit one day and
turn and shoot you in the head! All because no one took
the time to sy Im sorry, excuse me or even yes you do

Now cant you supposed that all of us just taking that
extra two second out of our day to be concerned about
anyone besides ourselves.... listening when people need to
talk. I mean trully listening not this active listening I
can do 40 things while I fix your problem crap either. May
in a miracle stop someone from snapping and killing
someone we love.

Take a look around people this world is taking a very
recognizable turn and I can tell you it is not currently
for the better. Its not hard to fix this but we all have
to at least make an effort..... or is you brother, sister,
mother, friend, lover or child just not worth the effort?

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