Someone to Talk To...
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2005-03-31 04:39:40 (UTC)

good day yesterday, ok day today

yesterday i remembered why i teach. a person i have taught
for many years made me realize that a) i'm really good at
what i do and b) even tho it moves as slow as a glacier, i
make a difference in people's lives. this person, when i
met them 4 yrs ago, was unkind, negative and defensive.
now he's still extremely forthright, but he's grown so
much from what i've taught time.

it's days like this i want to remember. this is why i

Today, things are more back to normal. getting thru to
some; more not hearing the message. sigh. i know, in my
heart of hearts (as they say), that if i can get someone
in my class, i can make a difference.

so... why can't i do that at home? why can't i show the
same respect to my family members; and not be so critical?
i'm not that negative and demanding of my students? why do
i demand perfection from spouse and children? at work
people always comment on how patient i am. betcha none of
my family would say that.

i'm very sad today - like i haven't been in months. my
son's got to make a decision with two weeks about what
school to go to. doesn't matter which one, he'll be moving
out to go. my daughter's full-on in teenage angst.
everything's a disaster with her. i'm sure when she
settles down it won't be so bad, but there's sure not a
lot of love there now. and my spouse is yelling at me at
the dinner table to "back off", then freaks out over stuff
like an open waterbottle that had the audacity to fall
over. there's not a lot of love and respect in this house
right now...

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