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2005-03-31 03:51:56 (UTC)


R. is quiet in a Cancerian sort of way, even though he was
born on the cusp of Leo. He feels deeply but dislikes
talking about how he feels. Case in point: I let him know
how much I like him, that I love spending time with him,
but he doesn't give me many clues in return as to how he
feels about me. So,tonight online, I simply asked him.

"R., can I ask you a question?"
"Are you still interested?"
"That's all I needed to know."

Funny how a straightforward question with a
straightforward answer settled a lot of questions [in my
mind, anyway].

Now, onward and forward, leaving this silly insecurity
behind me. Certainly, waiting for the other shoe to drop
becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and it's not one that I
want to happen...

'Cause I really, REALLY like this man...

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