King of Babel
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2005-03-31 03:51:31 (UTC)

Misanthropical Boycott

[ March 30th, 2005 ]

Okay, so I haven't been posting an entry everyday since I
created this diary account, but, oh well. The simple fact
of the matter is, if I don't submit anything one particular
day, that means I was extremely pissed off for that
particular day; and was in a state of radical misanthrope.

I cannot describe - no, scratch that, I actually can
describe how much I hate mankind, and I hate mankind with a
passion. Mankind itself, for the most part, is nothing but
an insipid contagion in an arid, dry, forest of steel and

And even though there may be a few antibodies, also known
as Wolves, whom are the only disinfectants possible to cure
the sheep, the sheep cannot be remedied miraculously or
gently, they can be cured in another fashion. By cutting
them into what they are, chunks of dog meat and waiting for
the salt to cure them. Then roast their bacteria away in an
inferno. But, they are hydra.

I only wish our true saviour would come, oh wait. As a
Satanist, I don't need a saviour, I am thy own saviour. And
I name this saviour Antichrist, the Man of Sin. The Prince
of Perdition, and Little Horn. The sheep call him "evil",
and paint Pan's goatlike features upon him. But, that is
past tense; for he will not always be the scapegoat,
eventually, the Christians will be the true scapegoats. God
is already dead, continue to kill him in your head. The
battle is already ours.

Didn't you know...the United States was founded by people
who made a pact with the Host of Hell? It's true, but I
guess it doesn't matter what I say on here, right? After
all, I am the "Father of Lies"? Of course, not, I am only
called that to prevent the stupid people from hearing the
truth. And I will gladly take that label if it will keep
the stupid people away from me, Satanism is not a belief
for some idiotic neophyte.

Alright, now - where was I? Oh, yes. You're probably
wondering, "If this guy thinks he's so smart and so
Antichrist why isn't he famous?" And all of that garble.
Well, actually, I am that smart - but, sadly. I'm still in
high school. Crammed into a prison full of only one
thinking person, me, along with hundreds of other
unthinking morons. I am the outcast, who wasn't born with
enough middle fingers. Nonethless, I am far from being a
child, I am a man. And always have been, as the bible says
in the Book of Revelations, I am the manchild. A dragon
with a mouth for speaking great things. But am I that
prophesied Antichrist, or that almighty False Prophet who
gives power unto the "image of the beast"? For anyone with
wisdom, look at that book and keep in mind two words:
metaphor and Church of Satan.

But be as it may, the Book of Revelations has already come
true, every single time you kill God in your mind, or
whenever you die. Or whenever your born-again. But, I was
born okay the first time, I never went from anything then
to Satanist, nor did I convert from Atheist to Satanist,
I've just simply always been. Hmm, babel, babel, babel,
says my fingers as I type. And I've already burned in Hell,
and started yet another Long Greased Pole Slide Into Hell.

Anyway, as I was saying. You see if I don't type this stuff
down as a source of "venting the fumes", who knows what
might happen. I just want to make a few comments on the
high school shooting a few days back, the one contributed
by the indian reserve teen by the name of Jeff Weise (who I
do not personally know but kind of knew from over the
internet). He was not a disease of society, he was a
symptom of society, society is the disease itself.

And he was not a Nazi per se, rather he was a Libertarian
National Socialist Green, not to be confused with Hitler's
NSDAP, or the Order of the Death's Head, or Neo-Nazis, and
whatever the case may be. First of all, how the hell is an
indian going to be an Aryan? Anyway, political agenda or
whatever was not the "cause" of what he did that day. Nor
was anything "he was influenced by" the cause of it. The
cause was the antagonozing social dilemma of the United
States. That shooting, same with the Columbine St. Hitler's
Day Massacre, were only two byproducts of what happens when
you produce hypocrisy in the form the United States has.
You cannot cram brilliant, coruscating, magnificent,
intellectual, and aesthetic people into a building with
unthinking "God-type" assholes, barbarians, and "playground
bullies", not expecting extreme retaliation. Not all
brilliant people are going to use the "middle finger
response" like me, but rather they might use the "trigger
finger response". Sadly though, if I were only born with
more middle fingers.

Anyway, a utpoian society could only be accomplished, or at
least an aesthetic world without hypocrisy, if you take
Adolf Hitler's approach. Or at least disguise the approach
like United States. Only they're doing it a very arrogant
and dangerous way, by harboring that hypocrisy as a Great
Harbinger of it as they seek imperial conquest.

Anyway, enough "babble, babble, bitch, bitch."

Yours truly,


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