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2005-03-31 01:54:27 (UTC)

Yesterday was a great day

do you know, yesterday was the most happy day that I have
in this hoilday, do you know why? It is because yesterday I
went to meet Janice, Grace, and MISS HUNG.... ^.^

yesterday, i went out at 11am, because i met Janice and
Grace in Festival Walk at 11:30am, first I arrive at
11:28am, but suddenly Grace call me to go to 真光里 and met
her, but I don't know how to go! Finally I arrived there
with a stupid way...and then we both walked to Festival
Walk and met Janice, I saw Janice already when I was
walking to there, so I shout, "Janice, Janice, Janice",
but she can't heard me because she was chatting with

Then after we met, we ate M 記 together, Janice said that I
ate a lot but I think that is just enough for me! . and
then that Grace ar~ don't drink again! she left a lot for
me to drink, of course I am pleased to drink it! because I
am really thirsty at that moment...

After eating, we went to shopping, go to 玩具反斗城, 柏斯琴
行, a CD shop(don't know what it's name ar~) and then want
to skating too! but Janice's mum didn't allowed her!!!!!
First, Janice said "you two go and skate, i will wait you
here" but of course we won't left her along, how come we
left her along? impossible!!!!! . so we go and go ...
walk and walk...

Then at 2:15pm, we met Miss Hung and log-on and have
our "tea", me and Grace just ordered a apple juice, cos. it
is really expensive, although we no need to pay for it,
cos. Miss Hung would pay it, but we still can't ordered a
lot, and Miss Hung and Janice ordered a apple tea, but no
more lu! then they ordered 柚子茶, no more again, so
finally they oirdered lemon tea...oops!! too bad! this is
their third choice....

Then we talk and talk and around 3pm, Grace need to leave
lu...too bad...

Then we talk and talk, until around 4, we went to page one,
and then we talked about books and look for books and then
we talk and talk and talk again, till 5, Miss Hung need to
go, cos. she need to meet her friends their and go for a

And then my and Janice, went back to page one and then
found something about psychology, philosophy and da
vinci...and then around 5:30pm...we leave Festival Walk and
went home.......

Yesterday was really great...i like yesterday a lot and
thanks for Miss Hung's expensive tea...!

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