Thoughts in Green
2005-03-31 00:56:52 (UTC)


So I live in a town where the Marijuana debate is going
strong. I am a smoker and have no problem admitting that
but I am sick of the debate in general to say the least.

Listen I know that all of you drug free, mountain
climbing, tree hugging, tight assed muckity mucks have
been winning the argument for some time now. All I have to
say is dont you have other drugs like I dont know Meth
maybe to put those wonderful efforts towards.

I am not saying start handing out joints to kids or
anything but look at the other counties out there who have
the drug issue under control. They regulate the sales and
then only those who chose to do it can.

What is the big deal really. I mean if you sold pot over
the counter then for one you would know that it was better
for you then buying it from the dealer down the street who
put who knows what in it.

Also then you would be less apt to see kids trying to get
their hands on it and parents would be much more aware of
who was doing what cause it would be on their minds more.

Come on cant we just put this issue down and go on to the
next drug that trully is killing people. At least this one
helps and really how many people do you hear overdsose on
smoking pt ... um NONE that right NONE.


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