Ramblings of a Mom
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2005-03-31 00:54:27 (UTC)

Now I messed up

I got angry tonight when my husband entered an A and B
conversation between me and my son and I told him to C his
way out of it. He goes on to say that he was having to
listen to it, so he was involved in it. I tell him how I
have to listen to all of the conversations he has with him,
and I'm not allowed to interrupt, so why was this one
different? Things go on to where I shoot him the finger
(nothing mean, just something we do with each other), and
then he puts up the L sign.
I take offense to that. I tell him that whatever, if
that's the case, he's married to it, so get over it. This
quickly transgresses to ugliness and I tell him that he is
a rude, ugly, son-of-a-bitch. He tells me, and yeah,
you're married to it, so get over it.
After all of this, of course, I have lost my desire to jump
into my dinner, and then he doesn't come to dinner. My son
asks why I haven't eaten, and I tell him that I don't like
yelling with Dad and it has me upset and I am waiting to
see when he comes to dinner.
My son asks when is he coming to dinner, and he says that
he has lost his appetite. I now know I have hurt him, and
I was already sorry, but now even more so. I get up after
our youngest has finished eating and go to him and
apologize. He tells me that I am entitled to my opinion
and to voice such opinion. I tell him that it doesn't mean
that it's right nor did I mean to hurt him. He tells me
he's fine with it, and I call his bluff, telling him no,
he's not, he's not even eating dinner. He just says that
two meals of lasagna (last night's dinner) have a tendency
of packing you up, and he's just not hungry.
Fine, then neither one of us will eat. I ate a couple of
chicken strips and a couple of french fries from Jack-in-
the-Box today for lunch, and a toasted hamburger bun later
this afternoon. Oh, and I had Instant Breakfast for
breakfast. I guess that will just have to do for my day
too. Not that it matters much, I need to lose weight
anyway and I have sores in the roof of my mouth that make
it very difficult to eat anyway.
Now I hear him eating chips or something....GRRRRR!