Ramblings of a Mom
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2005-03-30 23:03:21 (UTC)

It's starting to come out

Today's entry is going to be a bit hap-hazard (as if anyone
cares ;)...This morning it started to come out. My husband
is upset about his weight. Not what he weighs,
necessarily, but that he has to have an 'aneurysm' to get
his work pants fastened. When asked and how is this my
fault? He says that he was just looking for a little bit
of sympathy. My husband? Looking for sympathy? OMFG!!!
I tell him, yes, I have sympathy...I'm wearing his old
pants that he no longer wears. But what does he want me to
do? He tells me he doesn't know. But this could be the
root of our problem....hmmm, just a thought.
Okay, my youngest son is wandering around with a wooden
spoon he got out of the kitchen drawer. I guess I better
go! Later.

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