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2005-03-30 21:29:58 (UTC)

Hey Mickey

haha aye so ... tonight me and 5 others done stars in their
eyes, cheerleeding to hey mickey it was me
travi,kirsten,william,claire n miss martin it was well
funny cept the bit where we had to go forward and do our
thing a just went forward and made up a dance it was a
well gay one ha ha can't wait to see it again! we never won
gutted lol nah it was a great laugh mr t n william were
wearing like 2 of my tops,my skirt and mr t was wearign my
fish met tights claires mum baught realy nice ones n a got
wear yas baby!

Aye so a got my wages from the springvale at lunch time and
there all gone cause a had to buy william n travi wigs n
ballons n get 4 dba tickets! can not wait man!


Has a good weekend,worked alot was my last satrday in
rsmcolls cause on friday am starting in the green room well
nervous!! gian and andy were up had a top laugh with them!
hahaha aye lol.sat night wasnt so good my head was pounding
cause dale smacked a basketball off my head on friday night
so a just stayed in watched the karen dunbar show thought
and ate watermelon am trying to get my make-up off from
tonight we put hunners on.monday a worked in rsmcolls then
went to ek with my mum n got some nice tops for starting in
the green room n got a nice pair of trousers too n some
other wee things like bracelets n stuff then went to colins
house..his cat still hates me it always tries to bite my
feet lol am away to snooze

Bye x