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2005-03-30 19:22:11 (UTC)

[fanfic] Our Last Goodbye, Chapter Seven

Title: Our Last Goodbye
Chapter Seven of Fifteen: Saying Goodbye, Part Two
Anime/Manga: Speed Racer (This is my SR journal)
Rating: PG13
For warnings and summary, see previous chapters


Trixie stepped off the plane, her eyes sweeping over the
entire area. It had been a long time since she'd been to
California . . . without Sparky and Speed, and the
prospect of doing something on her own scared her yet
excited her at the same time.

'I can do this,' she thought as she went to retrieve her
luggage. 'I know I can.'

Unlike Speed, Trixie had a very definite idea as to what
she was going to do. She had the talent and the skill,
and it wasn't something the racing officials could ban her
from doing. And that was flying.

As her thoughts went to Sparky and Speed, she sighed.
She'd been there as Speed had made his decision to move
out and head for Philadelphia. It had been a heart-
wrenching scene to see. Spritle had been devastated and
had started crying. The fact that he adored his older
brother had not been lost on anyone. It tore the
youngster apart that he couldn't go where Speed was going.

'Pops had been upset, too,' she mused, watching as
suitcase after suitcase rolled by. 'I'm surprised he
didn't blow a gasket after Speed had made his

The Racer patriarch had always had a bit of a volatile
temper. He exploded but he'd never hit any of his
children. Trixie had often been reminded of a big bear
when it came to Pops and his family. Strong, burly, and
protective. Those three words were the foundation that was
Pops Racer.

And if strong, burly, and protective described Pops,
loving, compassionate, and understanding were the words
that described Speed's mother, Rachel. Her sad expression
had been what truly had killed her and Speed both when
they and Sparky had announced their intentions for the
next year.

'I can't believe we each agreed to go our separate
ways . . . I would have thought for sure Speed would have
wanted me to go with him or come with me . . . Maybe I
shouldn't have ignored him for two days after he made that

Having finally retrieved her suitcases, Trixie made her
way to the rental car company so she could get to her
apartment. Unlike Speed, she had a place to say while she
was in San Francisco. Her parents had left her the house
in Farmington Hills and an apartment in San Francisco.
Her brothers got the other homes across the country.
Because she didn't really such a large house to herself,
she'd sold it. The apartment in San Francisco had almost
met the same fate, until Speed had advised her against
it. It would save them hotel expenses from when he raced
in California, he'd stated and she'd agreed.

'There was more to it, though,' she thought as she signed
the paperwork for the car. 'He liked the idea of having a
place to go during the off-season . . . somewhere to
rest . . . It's like he wanted to have a place that would
help him to get away from the pressures that surrounded
him . . . Maybe him being in Philadelphia will be just
what he needs.'

The paperwork complete, Trixie followed the clerk to her
car and made her way to her new home. Tomorrow she
started her new job. Today, she'd relax . . . and allow
herself to remember . . .

* * *

Speed fought back a groan the moment the music started.
The group that had started all of the talking had decided
they were going to celebrate. What, he didn't know but he
could tell by their music, they were in quite the good

'At least this isn't going to be a boring trip,' he
thought as he gazed out the window. Somewhere, deep
inside of him, something started to relax . . .

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