I have fucking failed
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2005-03-30 18:06:22 (UTC)

Sick and tired of all this..

Sick and tired of all this unneeded world pain
too many deaths, bush betray, why? what for? again?
So we take others lives, cannot feed our poor
focus all our attention on troubles out our door
So god bless america where at least we know we're free
And shit i wont forget the men who died to give this right
to me
I will also stand up, aw fuck it, what a joke, free?
U rule our fucking country, man get it right
pack your fuckin weapons, why the need to fight?
Unemployed, homeless, crazy monsters walk our streets
forget irag, weapons of mass destruction, forget defeat
We have issues in our own place, that wars cannot erase
I am one of these unemployed, trying to find my place
In this world of misfortune, and presidential shit
get a fuckin clue bitch, u will soon take a hit
Make peace in our land
make love not war, its in your hands

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