I have fucking failed
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2005-03-30 17:18:51 (UTC)

new life

So i believe that reality is lifes betrayal
belief that everyone must find there way outside
I am there, looking in, placed my heart for sale
My thoughts on life, my point of view, what a fuckin ride

When your life seems to fade before u, u gotta stand up tall
There is no one else who can save u, stop putting up those
U think your life is over, your pain u cannot hide, but
fuck man u gotta try
There is plenty of options out there, close that book, take
a new look at life
proof is in the pudding, so that survey says
Change the life before u, change those selfish ways
To tear out your heart, let it bleed for those to see
you r missing out on chances, set those demos free

I too had an open book, in a language that could not be read
praying life would take me, my heart also ripped out,
numbing feeling dead
27 so i guess i've lived through misfortunes, pain, scrape,
denied from my old ride
I am waking up my heartstrings, no love lost, damage done,
in life, i now colide
I give to u a future, a new life, new eyes to see new skys
forget the past, lay it to rest, that part of u has died

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