2005-03-30 16:53:02 (UTC)

Matters Of The Heart

I didn't have my daughter this past Easter weekend, so R.
came in from *, Tx. We were all over each other from the
moment he got here and everywhere we went afterwards. We
went to see a movie, then dinner, then dancing. He's a
good dancer. Very affectionate, very sweet. Great kisser.
We spent as much time on the dance floor kissing as we did
dancing, lol.

We get back to my place, hot and sweaty from dancing, and
have sex. Not the best I've ever had but not the worst,
either. Then we pass out to sleep and wake at 6 AM to have
sex again. Same as before, not the best, but I don't blame
him; it's this rotten Prozac that's keeping me from coming.

He left about 10 AM. I know he's leaving soon to go on a
business trip to NM, so I told him, "I'll see you when I
see you?" "Yes, you'll see me in June, maybe before if I
get back early. So... I'll see you when I see you. Bye,
Cutie-pie." smile

I wrote him a couple of e-mails since... He's sent me a
few IMs. This week, he's busy visiting with his 8-mo. old
son from his previous marriage and working, getting ready
to leave on 04/11, so he's not online that much right now.
But maybe once he gets to NM, we can talk more online, at

We'll see.

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