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2001-10-09 15:15:21 (UTC)

New Entry

Las Cruces Sunny-nice. 82/55.

I'm just trying this new journal. I'm off today; and it's
been a great week to be away. The trip to Zion was the
best and of course it was great to see Steve and
Wink....it was good to see the caring and helpful aspect of
people's behavior when Wink twisted his ankle. Hope he's okay.
I think he was feeling pretty good with that Rx I left him.

But Zion........The narrows were the best; at places they are 18
feet wide and
2,000 feet high! It was one of the most incredible hikes ever.

Very strange was leaving the House Of Blues at Mandalay Bay
and watching the War start; the apathy and lack of interest
people in the casino had was expected but nonetheless strange.
American's have been deaf to the political ramifications of our
actions for years and I hope this changes some of that.
Remember how we sold out the Kurds? Ignored Rwanda?

And so, today is my last day off....and it's filled with errands. We
gotta finish the shed, I gotta help aaron with his homework and
take themto Tai Kwon Dao......It's a busy life.