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2005-03-30 11:24:06 (UTC)


why does a word, that, well im sure, only applies to
women, starts with man?

i must admit from the first time i got my period i had
really bad cramps...some people dont get them at all, and
in a way i am jealous

i usually get fevers when i get my period, i throw-up, it
starts to hurt when i pee, and i cant really see

hmm....i aint no doctor...but i think somethings wrong

ill put that on my to-do list:
go see doctor

but ..i mean, really
how can bleeding out of your bottom help you.....id rather
cough the blood up somehow.....
that way ill be able to put up with the pain...

it is quite painful, i usually cant even think well,
walk...my mum used to think i was drunk

yes....mum, i was drunk

drunk of blood of life