Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-03-30 03:34:11 (UTC)

The playground

Whit, Kate, Wisconsin, Crystal, Rachel, Lan, and I went to
the park today. It was a blast. I admit. It's not
really my kind of park, but at least there was grass. The
best part was the sign "Our lawn needs a rest, please stay
off" or something like that. It made for serveral jokes
towards Lan, and Wisconsin screaming at me when I took a
few exploratory steps. Anyway, it was fun, and I got some
reading done. The rest of the day kind of sucked which is
sad because it was so beautiful. I looked cute today, or
at least made an effort but felt severely unwanted. My
mom didnt' even call today and Whit hasn't been around. I
guess I'm just lonely. I decided to read downstairs so
maybe there would be people around, but for the most part,
I've just been alone. Oh well... the day was beautiful
nonetheless. I'm very disappointed with my astronomy test
grade. I'm disappointed with all of my grades. I suck at
life. Oh well... Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. The
park was fun, and we sat at the table like old times.:)
It felt like the whole world was singing in harmony.

Final thought: Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest
height. Let's go fly a kit and send it soaring. Up
through the atmosphere. Up where the air is clear. Let's
all go fly a kite.

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