The Up's and Down's
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2005-03-30 01:56:13 (UTC)

The Night

The wind blowing against my face.
The blue sky makes me feel in place.

The peaceful breeze makes me relax,
I forget life's brutal facts.

I forget about the bad memories that I've come
to know.
They no longer exist, my life seems to flow.

Everything makes sense,
Problems clouding my mind matter less and less.

Nights like these make me reminisce,
I can't explain anything closer to bliss.

The feelings that are usually unexplainable, words come to
The shield blocking my eyes has been lifted, I am no

Time ceases to exist as more than a figment of my
My thoughts are no longer seen as fragmentation-.

The peace it brings takes my breathe away,
until night turns to day.

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