SoMe PeOpLe WaNt It AlL...
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2005-03-30 01:26:44 (UTC)

LaDiDa (just a random title)...

Heyy. I was gonna get online last night and write what
I got at the mall, but I got a really bad headache and I
fell asleep so I'll just put it now. I got the perfect
graduation dress from Ann Taylor Loft. It's strapless with
little pink and yellow flowers and soooo cute. (if your
reading this don't buy it!!!) I also got jeans from Filenes
and a halter top from J.C. Penny. YaY!!
Today I went back to school. Nothing special really
except that Derek was there. He's a ninth grader that I
totally like! I got his screenname, but he's probably
studying all the time. lol. He's awesomly cute and smart
and perfect! Even if I would never have a chance I can
fantasize can't I? See Ya.


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