Hollow Years
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2005-03-29 23:52:07 (UTC)

The end


I know its the end
And that you're not my friend
But i feel okay
I have nothing more to say
I feel like now i should move on
That all my saddness has gone
Yeah i miss you and ill love you
But it was nice while it lasted
And i thankyou for all you have done
I can't say it is the last tear
i will cry for you
But for some reason as i cry
i don't feel so blue
I'll always be here to make sure you're
getting by
I never want to ever see you cry
Even if i can't see you in person
Or talk to you in anyway
I feel like you're here with me
and here to stay
You were and still are
very special to me
But in the end some people
arn't meant to be
I'm sorry it's ended up this way too
But i don't want to be making you blue
I thankyou for everything you have ever said
or done
Now i will do you good and be gone
Sometimes dreams come true
not this time
There will never be a day
when your not on my mind
But that's just life
and how it has to be
Once again Thankyou for loving me