Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-03-29 23:42:45 (UTC)

am i happy?

to answer that...yes i am.

indeed the situation last night was something that you can
only laugh at. at times it made me very upset but in
hindsight it was laughable. at times i felt so comfused and
now i wonder if this confusion was brought on by my
previous experience. today my head is clearing and i feel
it is just a matter of time before i will seek permission
from MasterWes.

He was there to support me. He sacrificed His rest again. I
wonder how he can do this night after night and still
function the next day. i am not a very happy camper when i
dont get enough sleep. but MasterWes has the perfect
sleeping "pill" for me. He makes me feel loved and relaxed
by everything He says and everything He does. He has to
teach me so much so i hope He remains patient with me. the
simple things i need to learn most. how to accept
compliments without wondering what is the hidden motivation
behind them. how to accept that i do please Him. how to
accept that i am not responsible of everything that goes
wrong. but most of all to accept His love and Him as my
long term Master and partner.

i love You MasterWes

slave cindy.