my so called life
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2005-03-29 22:50:10 (UTC)

Last day before returning

Today was a good day!
I slept in and when I got up, I had breakfast and talked
to my mom for a while before I went to town and met Ben,
steve and Jim. We walked around for a while, and they made
me try on this jacket I've been looking at for a while. I
really want a new jacket, and it's really cool, but it's
also 900 NOK, which is about $150. So I didn't buy it.
Our city's football team is getting a new stadium, and
it's almost finished. We went for a drive and checked it
out. It looks so awsome!
I also met my uncle there, and Ben's father and brother.

Afterwards I went back to town and looked for a new
jacket. I looked in pretty much every shop in town, and I
couldn't find one. I also want some new jeans, so I tried
on about a million, but didn't find any I really liked. So
I thought screw it, and bought the 900 NOK jacket :)
I really like it :)
I met my cousin and her new boyfriend, who seems nice.
Then I got a tan (trying to even out the freckels;) before
I went home.
I never got to meet Geri again, since there was something
wrong with her car and she was also doing the laundry or

My mother made the most incredible dinner today! It was
sort of a going away dinner. It was reindeer filet with
garlic potatoes, and it was so lovely!

After dinner I went to Ben's place where Ben, Steve, Jim
and I watched National Treasure on DVD. I thought it was
an OK film. I brought Ben's little brother episode 11 to
16 of season two of the O.C. He was thrilled and baked me
a cake :D It was really good, Steve thought it was the
best cake he'd ever eat :D
Around midnight Jim drove me home, I finished packing and
now I'm in bed with my dad's laptop.

My plane leaves at 9 am tomorrow, so I better get some


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