Breathless Confessions
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2005-03-29 22:30:23 (UTC)


brook or brooke
i dont even kno her name
people at school call her names
this girl named margie who i cant even stand says she
wants to hang with her
because she is a prep
and no BODY likes margie becaus she lies and backstabs
what a "b" (trying to cut down on the cussing)
anyways, brook finally finds out people are talking about
her, and she starts to cry
then she turns to me and says, people are calling me a slut
i look at her and say that is so messed up, who said that
and she turns away
then everybody goes up to her and is like are u okay
and she doesnt say anything
nobody was like me when i was here, i was nobody, and here
is this taut white girl that is a few days new, and
everybody loves her!! oh well
then on my bus margie opens her big ass mouth and says
"brook is a slut"
ohhhhh i am gonna start something
this school is so boring
peace out the bitch the bitch the bitches!!