Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-03-29 22:22:22 (UTC)

(poem about Brandon)

I love everything about him,
when he holds me close and I can smell his scent.
The strong, clean scent that can lull you too sleep.
Though he probably doesnt know this
but I love him with my heart and soul.
When we hold each other naked in are arms.
I sigh with content, for this is all I wanted.
Is to love and have my love be returned in full.
But even love has its ups and downs.
When you played with me,
pretending you were mad and give me the silent treatment.
Thinking Ill know its just a game,
but to me inside I was worried and fretting.
thinking Is he mad are we that much closer to leaving?
The thought of you leaving.
Leaving=to never be seen again, or not be seen for a short
duraiton of time. The thought just makes me cry, and I held
onto you tighter, Im not sure if you saw my tears,
but just the thought makes me cry,
For I would surely die.