Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
2005-03-29 21:14:37 (UTC)

Wrong or Right??

Some people claim that i ave a way with words. But at the
min i dont knw what to say. My heart is telling me
but i dont knw what it is, and my mind?? oh god what did i
just do?
Im sitting listening to that song, i love the bit where
amy lee sings ' forget this life, come wit me, dnt look bk
ur safe now.. and so on' i love that bit. It makes me feel
like crying all the time.
I have decided to keep some stuff hidden away from this
diary, some thing have to be kept hidden, and ive
justlearnt that, cause ive just had the best kiss of my
entire life. I missed them so much that m sitting
herecrying, not cuase im cold, not cuase it was wrong, oh
it was so wrong.... but cause it felt so amazin.

Tonight i was lying with alex, nearly falling alseep and
it felt rite to me. I am in love but its alex, its john
but wit john i have been tehre b4, i tried to fall in love
wit him. and i did! i admit that i did, i still do... but
is it rong to love 2 people? I have love alex from the
moment i saw him at the skatey. But with john, it was so
easy to fall for him, he is such a nice caring person who
does only want the best for me, so does alex. But i knw
now that only I can decide that.
Im scared guardian, im reali scared i cant say what it is,
i dont reali knw what it is.cause i dont knw what it is
But wat i did wit john tonite was wrong. Alex does not
desrve it.
Maybe me and john should stop all of this. John u can come
to alton towers if u reali want to. Come, but those kiss's
were wrong, but they felt so rite! i ont want to mention
them, eva agen. Plz promse me, not even between me and u,
not eva. not in here, not wit keith. not wit anyone not
wit me just plz plz dont talk bout them anymore.
It ............ It was wrong