Master Joel

Master & slave
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2005-03-29 20:54:54 (UTC)

good night with my slave

slave cindy needed my help last night, while the item
needing help was very interesting as they would say on
laugh in. It was good to be able to help her. She did some
little things and these pleased me so very much.

I hope we can have the path we have laid out and I see no
reason why. I know she has the love and dedicatoon to serve
and please that will make me think I am spoiled, super
lucky and living in a dream.

I hope I can be the same in a Master to her.

I still hope someday her family will acept me, all I can be
is myself.

We had a great log chat and set or tied some records last

I am a very lucky Master.
Master Wes

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