cuncerns of my heart
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2005-03-29 17:48:29 (UTC)


errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr y the hell do i keep talking to
him?!?!?! he made me want to KILL myself!!! an then
everthime he signs on....i smile. thsi is the first time i
talked ta em in a while. errrr i jus HATE it. like i need
sumthin that will zap me everytime i start to THINK about
him. that will stop me......i hope. ok honestly it prolly
wouldnt. but hey..wutever. seein my physciatrist tamorrow.
yay. i gota stop lyin ta him. but i dont trust him! im
sucha bad percon..**holds head down in shame** see ya guys
later. i saw this qoute an i really liked it...

suicide is a way of telling god you cant fire me!!! i

the best part is that i had this as my away an wasim saw
it an i hope he realizes im still suicidal.

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