Complex Simplicity

Just a Girl
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2005-03-29 17:02:51 (UTC)

First Steps

Well Here I am, I've arrived on the site and well..Im now
a little unsure of what to type..Prehaps I should start
with "hello" or "how are you" as if your actually taking
the time to read this I would also like to say "thankyou
for stopping by!"
Enough of the hello's lets get down to it then..Hmm as
this is a diary I guess I should type my thoughts feeling
emotions and whatever is going on in this scrammbled mess
that people usually call a brain...

Recently Im not too happy..I mean dont get me wrong these
past couple of months I've spent with him have been
good..Infact no..they've been great! It's just why doesnt
he think before he opens his mouth!?I mean its one thing
when he says the wrong things but it's another when he
purposely lies to me!
And the annoying part of it is that he doesnt even have to
lie!It's not like he's cheating on me nor is it that he
has to lie its just that he cant help himself!And its
about silly things too!
It's official my boyfriend is a liar.
Nothing more to be said.