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2005-03-29 15:02:15 (UTC)

New Baby?

Yesterday after work my husband and I went to look at
furniture for our home when my friend "C" called. She asked
me if we were stll intrested in adopting because her Dr
advised her to let us know to keep the required $4000 on
hand so that when he has a baby available, it would be
ours. He had just delievered a baby over the weekend whose
mother and father couldn't have her and he had to give the
baby up to child services. WOW! That's an eye-opener. It is
scary thinking about becoming a parent so fast, I mean no 9
month prep time or anything, but then again, if the chance
comes up where we can take in a baby whose biological
parents don't want to have or can't have then that would be
a great blessing! Oh boy something to ponder on for now, my
husband is excited at the fact that we may be adopting
pretty soon, but he's scared and continues to worry about
how he would do as a dad. I mean what new parent isn't
scared?! More to come...

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