Justin Flames

month of February
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2005-03-29 13:56:39 (UTC)


philosophy is the answer to the rain

follow the train to heart
the destiny for all of the days
just a few minutes short
of the many ways

feed your mind
what it needs to find
without trueness within...
nearly everything collapses
then you must start again

Make it right
don't wait for tonight
when you'll have to...
fight again

but maybe you just need one more night
-to think about things
then you can make it right
a week passes
..where has the reason gone?

the outside reflects what the inside feels
when you can no longer hold on to what is real
structure that was together, cracks
reflections pour out as the past begins to track

hide no more
like someone clinging to life
..drifting to shore

--dedicated to the dreamers--

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