Love Is a Wonderous Thing
2005-03-29 12:51:28 (UTC)

Stir Crazy

I am a little stir crazy here. Justin went to Oregon for
about a week I think and I want to hang out with the guy
so bad. Not even Cody who I have actually SEEN recently is
able to take my mind of this subject. I wonder how I have
found someone SO COMPLETELY compatible with myself yet am
not with them and does it mean I should be with them. And
what is going to happen in the future? Christ I am so
confused........ and I cant concentrate either. I wonder
if he realizes or feels the same.... that we hit it off so
well. He has mentioned a lot lately that he doesnt think
he should be with Jamey.....she isnt quite what hes
looking for but hes happy..... and then they fight .... I
just dont know what the hell is going on with my future
and I need to get my shit in order. I am broke and I need
a job! FUCK!

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