I have fucking failed
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2005-03-29 12:43:34 (UTC)

november 11th 1999

I will never forget this date, beautiful novembers day.
Sun was shining, i was the man, my lil one on her way.
Out running errands to bring her mom some peace.
Delinquent delivery i answered all her pleas.
Lava lamp to enhance the mood, niccaret gum to sneak her a
lil juice.
I waited all my 22 years for this bundle of joy, it was
time to face my fears.
Was i gonna be daddy of the year, or was i gonna fail in
Thoughts were running through my mind, could i afford to be
a dad, was i with my forever misses right?
I pushed it all aside as my lil one was greeting this world.
Hours of labor, and a doctors touch, my lil Kierstyn Rose
now begins her life.
I watched her birth, scared as hell her mom wouldnt turn
out right, after seeing the doctor all the way inside.
I was the first to hold her, scissors in hand i cut the
cord that bonds them
I was now officially her big daddy, her mom was soon to be
my wife
Every 11th of november since her birth was a beautiful
sunshiny day
Every year that passed, i learned alot, but couldnt figure
out a way
To stay the dad I had become, with a marraige that had
Years of bickering, i was let go, but i have my lil one who
is now 5
i failed my wife, i miss her every day, It hurts now to be