I have fucking failed
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2005-03-29 12:05:22 (UTC)

what the fuck to do

ok kids, new entry. Kind of a fucked up deal. My ex wife
met a guy 2 weeks ago, and was invited to florida with
him. I do have a 5 year old daughter that was invited
too. Ok, so some stranger pays for my exes and my lil ones
flight, after 2 weeks? What am i supposed to do. I dont
even know this guy. Is it in my best interest to let it
happen? Or should i not allow my daughter to go. An
online guy, like me. I am kinda scared. I know there r
some good people on here, but who can u really trust? Will
my ex have picked a good one, or is he another asshole
looking for ass? Is he gonna hurt my kierstyn? Do i kill
him if he does? Divorces really suck. I would have been
better off staying miserable in marraige. At least i know
whats going on then, shit