Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
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2005-03-29 12:04:47 (UTC)

whats the point!

Im so tired, i didnt get much sleep.
I had a dream though, i smacked bethan*. I guess im still
angry at her for what she did to jamesy*, angry though is
just an understatement of what i am feeling towards her.
hat makes her think she has the rite to steal other
people 'stuff' like that? and her! hopefully she has got
rid of what she had caught of someone else, cause by god
if she has given that to jamesy* i will kill her slowly,
torture her to fuck!
I was gona laave this place last nite, i was gona sneak
out bout 3 on the mornin but i got talke into not doing
what iw as gona do. Sucks reali. Cause that is the only
thing i want on ths earth, and that is to not be on this
earth! Someone doent understand that though. He wants me
to b happy, he wants me to b happy here, but im not! cant
he see that? nothing wil make me happy here. Nothing!.

Someone making me, wanting me to stay here is to me
selfish! they want me cause its for there own sake, but i
dont! i dont want to b here. But no i got to do stuff for
other people, like i dont do it already. IM teh one who
chases round after pther ppl, im teh one who stops fights
unless they desrve it. I am the one who keep everyone
calm. IM the one who cheers other people up if they are
down. Im the one who helps people wen they are too drunk
to stand. Im the one to do fucking everything and yet they
dont want to do fuck allfor me?
I get fuck all back of evryone! and im sick to death of
it. and i mean what i say
I AM SICK TO DEATH OF IT! y are people bein so friggn
selfish. I aint being big headed, its been like this for
ages, and i am so fucking sick of it. Im sick of trying to
make other people happy, wen im just lying in teh dark . I
want to b left alone so i can just fade away and out of
ths fucking life. I hate it here!

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