Loser In The Making
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2005-03-29 08:21:22 (UTC)

My NEW best friend---Ksenia!! :-)

Wowzers, lol. Once again A LOT has happend. Samantha and i
arent friends any more (thank god.. that fuckin emo
bitch!!) now ksenia is my best friend!! hehehe! this
weekend me and ksenia were talking bout moving in together
when we become 18 and then having umm.. how many more
people wa it.. umm... three more people move in with us..
emily.. her baby.. and dosha! hehehe! lol im kind of hyper
right now because ive been sleeping all day and ive finally
been let out of my room because its pasted midnight and
everyone is asleep and its practically a new day so im
not "sick" any more.. lol. Yes i did pretend to be sick
today so i didnt have to go to school. I just dont like
school any more. Theres nothing to look forword to. Im not
going out with zac and more.. and i know its weird but i
kind of wish that i new him better and was still friends
with him. which just reminded me of something that happend
last week!! i think it was on tuesday.. zac stoll some
cookies that i brought to school and i chased him around
the side of the school and when he went around this one
corner when i gave up on chasing. he stopped and blew me a
kiss! grr!! i still like him now that he did that.. if he
wouldnt have done that then i would so not still like him!
but thanks to him i do! and its not like he would every go
out with me again because according to him i dont know how
to KISS! grr. he makes me so fucking mad! well ive
practically gone on bout nothing.. so i guess ill stop and
just write more later or tomarrow.. depends on if i get
caught up in playing sims or not. Well ill catch ya laters.

Your Weird Boo!

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