My Aphrodisiac
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2005-03-29 05:27:38 (UTC)


So, it's been a MINUTE since I've written in this Biyoch.
Sorry ya'll...I been so... busy it ain't even funny. So
much has happened that I wouldn't dare to begin to fill
you in. Time is money and money is time! I'm drunken off
some Remy Red boo gave me so ya'll gotta excuse me. I was
depressed today. Don't know why. Felt I should've been
doing something and couldn't figure out what! Ain't that
just terrible? I tell you my mothafuccin' first and ONLY
love got married to that bitch and had her baby! I think
so...but it just came to mind again. I even talked to him
on Valentine's, the day before. Hmmm... Fred. I
mean, the nigga basically livin' with me. My sister always
told me don't be havin' that shyt unless they givin' you
CHEESE. So, I'm goin' against all rules and regulations
with that one, and I think that's why I am the way I am.
Sad and don't know why. I'm happy though. Shouldn't that
be all that matters? Nah, but he do need to fork over some
chips doh. Fa' real. I know he poor though. Why I can't
get me no ballin' ass nigga? I mean, fa' real doh! I'm
not happy. I'm content lightweight. Niggas need to make
moves though. Poop or get off the pot type shyt. But I
dunno if I want a boyfriend. Hmmm...lemme write some
poetry . I need to get at that mothafucca Intellect
somethin' terrible. Peace!

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