I Don't Know
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2005-03-29 04:57:43 (UTC)


Yeah, if you couldn't guess from the title, I'm bored...
Really bored. I got out of Japanese class early, 6:30pm I
think. I ate dinner, and have been playing videogames for
a couple hours. Finally, I couldn't take any more and
decided I should just go ahead and write something.
Problem is, I'm not to sure what to write. I could be
doing stuff I guess, but eh, I really don't care. I could
study Japanese, but no matter how much I study, I've never
passed the final, so what good would studying do? I could
also work on my huge Social Psychology project, but it is
due at the end of the semester, so I don't feel really
pressed yet to do it. Heh. I could read over some stories
from British Lit, but eh, it doesn't really matter.
Finally, I could practice my piano more, though I've
already practiced 30min. I think I'll go ahead and do that
one, though I'll have to practice yucky scales. Blah. I
could also work on some fanfiction, but lately I've had no
drive, which really sucks. Might go and read some later
though. But damn, I'm bored.

Hm, think I just thought of something to at least write
about. You see, I got this invitation late last week to go
to a wedding shower. Heh, talk about akward. I have no
clue why I even got this thing. Probably because they
thought I'd feel bad or something if I weren't invited.
Anyways, the girl, Kim, who this wedding shower is for is
the room-mate of a girl, Christy, I hang with sometimes
for anime and videogames and stuff. Sure, I could call
her, Kim, a friend, I guess, but... Eh, I don't know what
you could call it. I have friends, two girls I do anime
and videogames with, Christy and Chelsea. They are good
friends, but not what I'd call close friends. I've never
had one of those. I don't have anyone that I could run to
for support, who knows me for me, and I know them for who
they are as well. Anyways, then I have a group of people I
am friends with and run into every once in a while. The
girl I drank with last week, Megan, is an example one of
them. We're cool with eachother, but don't see eachother
much aside from class, or really know eachother then what
we show on the outside. And then, below everything else,
are these "friends" I have from knowing my two anime
friends. This is where Kim fits in. Heh, right now though,
I don't even think she considers me a friend. Last night
she got pissed at us for hanging in her and Christy's room
and being loud while she was working on homework. She
should be used to it after almost a year's worth of it.
That and she should have known better and moved or
something. Eh, I don't know. Anyway, Kim and I don't talk,
don't have the same likes, and plain just don't interact.
Heck, I've gotten into so many fight's with Kim's friend
Esther that I'm just plain confused as to what I'm gonna
do for this shower thing. I have to bring a gift, and I
don't know where the places are that she mentioned in the
invitation that she is registered with. My only hope is to
hitch a ride with Christy and Chelsea when they go out to
get their gifts.

Hmm, well, I'm blank right now. One thing I wanna mention,
and ya'll can hate me for this forever, I don't care. But
I think that the brain dead woman in Florida, Terri
Schiavo, should die. It is their own fault for not having
a Living Will, and her husband should be the one to call
the shots. I've read every news article I could get a hold
of, and no one is changing my idea if they plan to use
some stupid god crap on me. I get plenty of that shit
here, thanks. I don't see why anyone would want to keep
alive only the shell of a human. That doesn't sound like
true life to me. My point is that people with their
machines are the ones keeping her alive, not some made up
god. Science! And these same people and machines will be
the ones to finally end it. After all, she would have been
long dead if science hadn't stepped in to give her a
chance to recover. I laugh at all you idiots out there
wanting to save her. Don't you understand? No, of course
not. She couldn't recover, and she will die, like all of
us. It is just a matter of time. It is sad though...

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