Autum's Leaves
2005-03-29 04:40:17 (UTC)

Follow the Sex

This is my quick personal follow up.

While saying that dating someone 16 makes me cringe, I
can't stop thinking about how hot this 16 year old is. All
last week, all I heard washim playing/singing Beast of
Burden, by the Rolling Stones. And when you hear, "Am I
strong enough? Am I hard enough? Am I rough enough?" being
sung to you by a guy who plays like, four musical
instruments perfectly....*sigh* Just makes me think of all
sorts of wonderful scenarios.

So, I caught myself daydreaming half the day about this
kid, who is adorable. A pain in the ass sometimes, but
adorable and fiesty. Adorable and fiesty, how often do you
hear that combo? He's so unlike the typical guy I like, or
the guy I want, or something like that. Tall, skinny, very
uncontrolled, very ADHD-ish, but I'm so attracted to boggles my little mind.

But, then again. There's this connection that I have
who goes to Duke, imagine that. He's 22 and very adorable.
A redhead, which is kind of weird, but he's super nice. A
physcology major, and a senior. And offered to keep his
bar stocked up on Corona's for me. I was invited up for a
visit and I'd really like to go, even if it's just to
visit Duke. Hopefully it might happen and I could end up
doing something on Spring Break. Freak me out.

So, yeah, I'm sleepy.

I do love my techno. "You're just jealous because I
have good techno. Wha-bam."