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2005-03-29 04:31:56 (UTC)


3 Doors Down - Changes

Today was any ordinary day for a Monday, at least I
survived. I was not thrilled with my chem exam and came
back from class in an extremely foul mood. Luckily, I
have finally figured out a couple of things I can think
about when I'm not in a good mood that will cheer me up..
angry music is a start but also thinking of that damn
gangsta girl and laura eating shit in phil and dale's room
last year. It may take a little while to get my mood
stabilized to me being happy, but I'm glad I can do it and
it is quite reassuring that I feel like I am finally in
control of my life.

Well, control of my life might be an overstatement.
Having the ability to control my state of happiness is
nice. On a different note, I am all for my friends being
content and happy with life as long as they are honestly
happy and go about it in a manner that it does not hurt
the people that matter. It seems that recently everyone
has been trying to control their lives which is what
happens as we grow older, however, some people are really
going about it in the wrong manner. You cannot force
something to happen nor should you ignore the feelings of
people that should matter to you in order to pursue
something that you know will turn out to be meaningless,
but may be something to your friend.

I realize that as we age each day, we change, and that our
friendships may still exist in the past. It is highly
likely that as I am changing every day, my friends who I
am not constantly with on a daily basis are growing up and
possibly apart from me as well, which may not coincide
with who we were in the past. However, if they ever did
play an important role in shaping us to become the people
we grew up to be then we should still take their thoughts
and feelings into consideration. That is, before
something happens that you may think little of may
actually have an effect on someone else. Basically, I
guess we need to learn to think before we act on something
that we know is meaningless because it just might actually
matter to someone else... and we should learn to put other
people first at times.

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