2005-03-29 04:31:45 (UTC)

*dies* omg.. i figured if i..


omg.. i figured if i ignored what you told me about
bryan... it wouldn't be true...

until he called me... T_T

i'd tell you something.. but then i know you'd go and tell
him and well... ya.. we don't need that...

something you can let him know though.... i wouldn't mind
going out to do something with him.... you better make it
extreamly clear to him, that if what he wants is a hook
up... then he might as well go back to grovling at some
other girl's feet..
i'm happy with the person i'm seeing now... and more than
stasfied seeing you... jesus christ my spelling tonight...

*smiles and uses sociology stuffs*
IF he has the gonads enough...
he needs to call... say hey.. i wanna take you here... on
this day.. i'll b there @ this time... is that okay...

i'm really tired of unassertive people.

i guess just a little pre-warning.. because i don't plan
on talking to him.... not about this...

*smiles and shrugs*

i'll talk to you tomorrow probably