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2005-03-29 04:23:47 (UTC)


theres this boy.....n his name is danny n i really like
him n shit n he dont kno i like him n all day i c theses
girls wiht him n i cant say nuttin bout it bc im not going
out woth himn he dont even kno i like him...i think...but
anyways we were at skateland lol yeha pretty gay but n e
ways he would like skate with me n hold my hips as we
skated n stuff then hed leave n go with his other freinds
with is tottlay cool with me but then i c him with another
firl with is tottaly UNCOOl and plus i still cant say
anything to him bout it till monday witch i have to wait a
week for bc we r on spring break n then wen i finnally
mention it to him he wont remember wat im talkign bout
because it was liek 2 weeks ago n then...idk but im having
a brain-fart n i got to go so i will catch u bak later


i love dannnny!
he is the LOVE of my life n i kno it! i can feel it!