Who reads this crap? My life
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2005-03-29 03:55:06 (UTC)


I realized some wierd shit over the past few weeks. I am
bipolar. My emotions can be flipped on and off like a light
switch, and I can get very pissed very fast. I also realized
I can get very depressed very fast. I asked myself the
question "what is your reason for existing? Aren't you just
a waste of oxygen and rescources that could be used for
better people?" And maybe thats true. But since I have no
obvious purpose, I would love to serve my country and give
people the right to have a purpose. Various people in my
life(mostly girls, they are evil no matter who they are)
play with my emotions like a cat playing with a dangling
mouse on a string. Writing makes me feel better, but I'm
just depressed every night it seems unless I'm talking to
Megan. She's my best friend, and if she wasn't there well my
life would lick balls. Well more then it does already. Only
5 more years or so till I'm out of high school and can join.

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